Day: September 23, 2020

Sep 23
Vermont finally OKs retail cannabis stores, years after legalizing

It's good news for consumers. Stores are expected to open in May 2022. The post…

Sep 23
Registered Cannabis Patient Cited for Possession While Hiking on Federal Land

An Arizona medical cannabis patient has been charged under federal law with cannabis…

Sep 23
IRS May Allow Cannabis Businesses to Take Tax Deductions

Under new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidance, state-legal cannabis operators can…

Sep 23
Oregon Marijuana Businesses Impacted By Wildfires Are Ineligible For Federal Relief, Agency Confirms

Small businesses impacted by recent wildfires in Oregon are now eligible for federal…

Sep 23
The 2020 Election and Cannabis: What To Expect At The Ballot Box

The Supreme Court vacancy, state legalization, and changing voter views on weed could…

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