Day: December 16, 2020

Dec 16
Deschutes County, Oregon Suing State for Access to Cannabis Taxes

Deschutes County, Oregon is suing the state over cannabis tax revenues it believes it…

Dec 16
Utah Considers Allowing Any Doctor to Recommend Medical Cannabis

Utah is proposing a change to its medical cannabis system that will help patients to…

Dec 16
Massachusetts fills two open seats on state Cannabis Control Commission

The main body regulating legal marijuana in Massachusetts is gaining two more…

Dec 16
Super-Majority of Poll Respondents Vote to Expunge Cannabis Convictions

CANNABIS CULTURE - In a recent survey of over 7000 Washington citizens performed and…

Dec 16
Cannabis to Overtake Tobacco as Zimbabwe’s Cash Crop

CANNABIS CULTURE - Zimbabwe officials say medical and industrial cannabis is  set to…

Dec 16
Grant Awarded For Simpler, More Cost-Effective THC Testing

Grant Awarded For Simpler, More Cost-Effective THC Testing  HempGazette

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