Day: January 26, 2021

Jan 26
USDA Raises THC Limit for Hemp Eradication to 1%

In their Final Rule for the hemp industry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture raised…

Jan 26
California Regulators Say Cannabis Billboards Must Be Taken Down

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has ordered the removal of cannabis…

Jan 26
Report: Cannabis Legalization Could Mean $43M in Annual Taxes for Delaware

Cannabis legalization in Delaware could be worth $43 million annually if taxed at 20%,…

Jan 26
Minnesota GOP Leader Says Cannabis Legalization Not ‘Right’ for the State

Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R) has no plans to work toward cannabis…

Jan 26
Canadian Circle K Stores Now Carrying Cannabis Gift Cards

The gas station chain, Circle K, is now selling gift cards to a cannabis dispensary in…

Jan 26
California Officials Ban Highway Cannabis Billboards

Cannabis-related billboards have been called a nuisance, leading authorities in…

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