Day: March 2, 2021

Mar 02
New Vaporizer Shipping Bans Impact Industry

The “Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act" may pose a problem…

Mar 02
UPS Will Stop Shipping Vape Products

UPS has joined FedEx in announcing they will no longer ship vape products starting…

Mar 02
California Bill Would Ban Employers from Cannabis Use Discrimination

A bill introduced in California would prohibit most employers from using a positive…

Mar 02
Malta Is on The Verge of Allowing Home Grown Cannabis

The arrest of a couple in a hotel room on Valentine’s Day on drug trafficking charges…

Mar 02
CBD by the sea: ‘Chi Samui’ is 1st on island serving cannabis dishes

CBD by the sea: 'Chi Samui' is 1st on island serving cannabis dishes  Coconuts

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