May 06
Florida Ends Cannabis Testing for Boxers/MMA Fighters

The Florida Boxing Commission voted on Tuesday to end the practice of drug screening…

Apr 21
For The First Time, The NFL Will Not Test Players For Cannabis Use During Offseason

The NFL has made a monumental change in their cannabis policy this week.

Apr 13
CannaCon Returning to In-Person Events In 2021

Spring has sprung in 2021 and, with vaccination efforts having ramped up throughout…

Mar 30
Cannabis Lounges Proposed in Nevada

A bill to allow cannabis consumption lounges was proposed last week in Nevada,…

Mar 23
Alaska Cannabis Lounges Proceed with Caution During Pandemic

Last year, Alaska formally approved licenses for two on-site cannabis consumption…

Mar 23
Trade Association Offers Cannabis Education Scholarships

The New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association (NJCTA) is offering six scholarships to…

Mar 10
Managing Appetite With THC or CBD

Losing or gaining weight isn’t as simple as the desire to do so. Many complicated…

Mar 04
Report: Only 46% of Americans Would Buy Home Near Dispensary

According to a survey by insurance comparison company the Zebra, less than half – 46%…

Mar 02
CBD by the sea: ‘Chi Samui’ is 1st on island serving cannabis dishes

CBD by the sea: 'Chi Samui' is 1st on island serving cannabis dishes  Coconuts

Feb 25
NFL Finally Exploring Cannabis and CBD as Pain Management

Could this finally open the door for meaningful change in the organization?

Feb 22
Entrepreneurial Ethos: Building a Deep-Rooted CBD Brand

When serial entrepreneur Vithurs Thiru had the idea for what would eventually become…

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