Feb 25
NFL Finally Exploring Cannabis and CBD as Pain Management

Could this finally open the door for meaningful change in the organization?

Feb 22
Entrepreneurial Ethos: Building a Deep-Rooted CBD Brand

When serial entrepreneur Vithurs Thiru had the idea for what would eventually become…

Feb 17
H&M-owned clothing company debuts hemp denim

A denim maker owned by the H&M Group has debuted a line of hemp denim dyed with…

Feb 15
Ice Cube Launches Cannabis Brand in Partnership with Caviar Gold

Rapper and actor Ice Cube last week announced the launch of Fryday Kush, a cannabis…

Feb 15
High Times Greats: Flying Founding Fathers

We know they grew pot, but did they smoke it?

Feb 10
CBD Just Got “Disney-fied”– Try Tribe’s Tropical CBD Dole Whip

CBD Just Got “Disney-fied”– Try Tribe's Tropical CBD Dole Whip  Star Magazine

Feb 05
Card Game Encourages Players To Puff Puff Pass

The new card game 'Puff, Puff, Pass' adds even more fun to your smoke sesh!

Feb 04
Report: Montana Has Highest Racial Disparity In Cannabis Arrests

In Montana, Black people are 9.6 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis…

Jan 29
Lil Wayne’s Cannabis to Hit Shelves in Colorado

Colorado smokers now have a reason to rejoice. GKUA Ultra Premium cannabis…

Jan 28
The NBA’s Slam Dunk Cannabis Shift

With each passing year, cannabis is embraced by more and more Americans. The same is…

Jan 28
Opioid Prescriptions Decline in Canada Following Cannabis Legalization

A recent study examines the rate of opioid prescriptions in Canada before and after…

Jan 28
Hemp or Cannabis Infusions: Advice From a Beverage Industry Expert

Let’s just call them both “cannabis” beverages. Cannabis and hemp are really just…

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