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Nov 19
Study Reveals Cannabis Oil can Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Researchers uncovered that administering daily doses of cannabis oil saturated with…

Nov 14
Can farming hemp help fight climate change?

Can farming hemp help fight climate change?  CBS News

Nov 13
New Study Warns CBD May Yield Positive THC Test Results

Does this new study have broader implications?

Nov 12
U.S. researchers suggest new way to distinguish hemp, pot

A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota (UM, USA) argue in a study that…

Nov 12
New Genetics Test Predicts If Cannabis Will Be THC or CBD-Rich

University of Minnesota researchers have validated a genetic test that can predict…

Nov 05
Study: Psilocybin Therapy More Effective than Traditional Antidepressants

A study of 27 people found that psilocybin therapy was more effective than traditional…

Nov 05
CBD Dentistry

CBD and other plant cannabinoids have a promising future in oral hygiene.

Oct 31
Synthetic Cannabinoid For COVID-19 Approved For Phase I Trials

A synthetic cannabinoid drug known as ARDS-003 has been approved by the Food and Drug…

Oct 25
Hemp research reaches new heights in Klamath Falls

Hemp research reaches new heights in Klamath Falls  Herald and News

Oct 23
Cannabis use disorder has both genetic and biological underpinnings: researchers

Some people may be vulnerable to CUD before even smoking their first joint.

Oct 22
Ability to pass cannabis through blood-brain barrier holds promise for developing disease treatments

New technology could reduce the amount of medical marijuana required and minimize…

Oct 21
Study: More Seniors Using Cannabis to Treat Common Ailments

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that…

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