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Rip-N-Sip is the world’s first single serve CBD packet that can be paired with any drink.

With Rip-n-Sip you can you easily enjoy your daily dose of CBD. Our pre-measured single serve packets can be mixed into any beverage hot or cold, without the affecting the flavor.

We designed the packets with two different applications in mind. First is the for the consumer on the go and second is for a commercial application say for a bar, restaurant, or a cafe.

For the consumer on the go, several packets can be easily put in a pocket or a purse. We’ve specially formulated Rip-n-Sip to have a neutral flavor profile that it allows the consumer complete flexibility of their choice of drink.

And For the commercial applications, there are hurdles with adding CBD to food or drink in a commercial setting. Currently the most common way of dispensing is by an eye dropper. This is inefficient, inaccurate, and unsanitary. Training staff to accurately dispense CBD with an eye dropper is tough. We wanted to come up with a better solution that doesn’t require any training at all.

So whether you’re a code connoisseur, a cocktail mixologist, or a fan of good old fashion hydration, rip and sip challenge you to taste the difference!

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