3 Sustainable Uses Of Hemp

Hemp is a species of Cannabis Sativa, but without the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance that causes the high in marijuana, another species of the same plant. Hemp has its origins in Central Asia, and has been used in this region for centuries. It later spread to the Mediterranean, to Europe and the rest of the world. Hemp is generally a short plant, about five meters tall, and does well in temperate regions in sandy loam soils. The plant requires minimal to average rainfall about 65 mm and requires minimal care. Despite hemp’s good qualities and its many uses, many countries have had it outlawed. This perception is changing slowly as scientists continue unravelling the plant’s many and useful uses. George Mouratidis, a CBD copywriter and marketing specialist has a lot of positive things to say about this plant and its uses. Here are a few of them.

Animal and Human Feeds

Almost all parts of the hemp plant are useful. The seeds which are high in fibre, protein, and omega-3 fats among other nutrients are used to make animal feeds as well as human food. The seeds which are rich in iron can be eaten raw or grinded into a hemp meal. Compared to meat, milk and eggs, hemp seeds have almost the same protein content. They can also be converted to liquid to make beverages like tisanes and hemp milk, and to make baking powder. The leaves are also just as useful, but with less nutrition. You can consume them raw, in salads or press them to make juice.  

Building Materials

With the human race working hard to conserve the environment, hemp can play a significant role in making this achievable. Hemp grows quickly, requires less care and only needs a small area of land and consumes very little water. Compared to trees used as timber in constructions, hemp material can help replace most of the timber uses and help conserve the environment. Hemp replaces wood for a variety of construction uses and is ideal in building green and breathable homes. There are a lot of buildings whose internal plasters are made of hemp. These plasters are mixed with lime-based binders to strengthen them. The plasters are better than the common wood plasters thanks to their insulative qualities.

Industrial and Commercial Uses

Hemp has so many commercial and industrial uses. The hemp fibers are useful for making shoes that are sturdy and long lasting. Hemp can now replace leather, which is not only expensive, but also not sustainable considering its sources. It is not easy, or sustainable to produce leather from animals without harming the environment, but you can produce hemp fibers without putting too much pressure on the environment. Hemp fibers are also good for paper making. Using trees is unsustainable as trees take a long time to mature unlike hemp. Deforestation is also a major cause of concern as it negatively affects the environment. With hemp, there is no cause of concern with deforestation or damage to the environment.



Originally Published on 2020 10 12 by | “hemp” – Google News

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