Alabama Senate Committee Passes Bill to Ban Delta-8 and Delta-10 Products

The Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee last week approved a measure that includes an amendment to outlaw Delta-8-THC and Delta-10-THC, according to Alabama Political Reporter. Both cannabinoids can be derived from hemp.

The bill’s original intent was simply to add the synthetic opioid tianeptine to the state’s controlled substances list. The amendment was added to the bill by Republican Sen. Arthur Orr.

In a blog post, the Alabama Cannabis Industry Association rallied against the proposal.

“It’s premature to outlaw these potentially beneficial treatments for very serious conditions until research has been done. What we do know is that there have been no deaths attributed to delta-8-thc and cannabis is generally safer than even some over-the-counter medications. The Alabama Senate has the opportunity to regulate delta-8-thc and delta-10-thc in The Compassion Act so it is controlled but still accessible to people who will benefit from it in reducing suffering and improve quality of life.” – the ACIA in a blog post

ACIA President and Executive Director, Chey Garrigan, told the Political Reporter that the organization is “not opposed” to the original intent of the bill – to ban tianeptine – but stands opposed to “the criminalization of Delta 8 and Delta 10.”

In the blog post, the ACIA said that in addition to their public and individual health concerns brought by the amendment, the state would incur costs to enforce the ban.

“That’s tax money that could go to roads,” the organization said. “But, if it is included as a medical cannabis product and is legalized and controlled through The Compassion Act, the state will receive taxes from the sale of it.”

The bill, which passed the committee 6-3, could be considered by the Senate this week.

Originally Published on 2021 04 07 by TG Branfalt |

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