Survey: 84% of CBD Consumers Believe CBD Can Replace Opioids

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Survey: 84% of CBD Consumers Believe CBD Can Replace Opioids -

About 84% of CBD consumers believe the cannabinoid is an effective alternative to opioids, according to a recent study from

The study surveyed 1,453 consumers who reported using CBD as a pain relief treatment. While the majority of respondents were both regular CBD consumers and millennials, non-regular users represented about one-third of respondents, while Baby Boomers represented about 8% of respondents, Gen Z represented about 12%, and Gen X about 19%.

A whopping 97% of respondents reported using fewer opioids after starting CBD — about 57% said they were using fewer opioids while some 40% said they had stopped their opioid use altogether. 53% of respondents said that CBD had become their only source of pain relief.

“This study suggests that what we now need is controlled research to understand CBD’s pain-relieving effects (there is surprisingly very little research published in this area on humans). Without controlled studies, it is difficult to know whether some people experience benefits from CBD due to expectancy effects.” — Tory R. Spindle, Ph.D, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, via the report

Despite consumer anecdotes that CBD is an effective opioids alternative, the topic remains controversial in the eyes of federal regulators who in April issued warning letters to two CBD companies over claims that the cannabinoid could treat opioid addiction or serve as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.

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Survey: 84% of CBD Consumers Believe CBD Can Replace Opioids


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