Why CBD companies are sprung on TikTok

Despite the conspiracy theories that surround TikTok, it appears that the app, aided by its partnerships with Walmart and millions of users, is here to stay. While this is great news for tweens and bored Internet surfers of all ages, it’s also good news for the CBD industry.
According to Forbes, TikTok is an e-commerce goldmine, one that doesn’t have to deal with as many restrictions as other social media sites. It’s a platform that has grown by 800 per cent since January 2018, putting the number of users at the cool 1 million mark.
There is tons of new content every day that can be searched and tailored to tastes as long as one knows how to use the correct hashtags and trends.
“We’ve had a TikTok since about January of this year,” Lindsey Corum, CEO and founder of Cannabombz, told Forbes. “Moments before I posted it, I said to my partner, ‘I don’t know how to TikTok. We’re just going to post it, I think it’s good?’ I had it open in my drafts for an hour and a half trying to make this TikTok perfect.”
The TikTok video now has over 1.9 million views.
Cannabombz not only experienced more viewers and subscribers; its sales experienced a US$25,000 spike, about 50 times the amount of its average sales when compared to the previous day.
“The numbers just kept going and going and going. I had posted it later, so I stayed up all night responding to questions, interacting with comments. That helped,” said Corum. “That’s how the algorithm works, from what I understand, based on the level of interaction. I was up til 6 a.m. answering questions. I slept briefly, until 9 a.m., then I went to work.”

CBD and cannabis products are no strangers to social media apps. / Photo: Sloop Communications/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

/ Photo: Sloop Communications / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Corum explained that while TikTok’s algorithm remains mysterious, the video used a trending song along with the hashtag #foryou, which bumped the video up to the For You page, expanding its reach.
CBD and cannabis products are no strangers to social media apps, but one thing that can help new brands is the fact that while people still use Instagram and Facebook, TikTok remains a novelty app.
While content that’s overtly cannabis will still be removed, if brands and users lean on the skincare aspect and are careful, they can build a steady base of users and costumers through TikTok. Strangely enough, the app could offer more than dancing tweens.
The FreshToast.com, a U.S. lifestyle site that contributes lifestyle content and, with their partnership with 600,000 physicians via Skipta, medical marijuana information to The GrowthOp.
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Originally Published on 2020 10 01 by Angela Stelmakowich | The GrowthOp

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