Profile Offer Instructions

Thank you for choosing to take advantage of our Premium listing feature. This page will guide you through the simple process of creating and linking your free Find Hemp CBD Offer listing.

If you’ve arrived at this page, you have nearly completed your “Online Store” or “Place” submission form and are now at the “Deals & Offer” section of the form where you are prompted to select the offer you would like to link to your listing. Please complete the following instructions based on your situation:

You have not created an Offer listing yet

  1. Leave the “Deals & Offer” input blank and proceed to Preview your listing
  2. After you have reviewed the Preview of your listing proceed to submit your listing
  3. Fill out the order form and complete your order. You will then be redirected to your Account Dashboard
  4. Shortly after, you will receive an email with a unique coupon code with a link to create your free Offer (check spam just in case).
  5. After you have created your Offer listing, you will then be redirected to your Account Dashboard
  6. Click “My Listings” and Select “Edit” on the listing you would like to link your offer to
  7. Scroll to the “Deals & Offer” section of the form and proceed to select the Offer you’ve just created
  8. Click the “Save Changes” button
  9. That’s it! Once you have completed this process, our team will review your submission and approval should follow within 24 hours or less.

If you have any questions at all, please email our order support team at:

You have previously created a paid Offer listing

If you have previously created a paid Offer listing, it will be available to select from the “Deals & Offers” input and you can simply select it.

After you complete your order, you will still receive a coupon for a free Offer listing valued at $49. You may then use this coupon to create another Offer listing, which can also be linked to your Online Store or Place profile listing. Of course, now that you have received a free Offer listing as part of your premium listing, you may not have the need for a second Offer listing (even if it is free).

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. Send us an email to and we will gladly convert your free Offer listing coupon to a $49 credit that can be used to run promotions on our site.

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