10 Factors that every Good Quality CBD Flower Should Have

With cannabidiol (CBD) gaining massive popularity in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the availability of hemp CBD-infused products because of the increasing demand. CBD products are not hard to find; instead, it is available in a wide variety of product types such as, gummies, tinctures, oils, balms, etc.

This article will going over the 10 Factors that every good quality CBD flower should have to help you traverse one of the most potent variants of CBD, i.e., CBD flower. It is the most effective CBD product. However, to meet competition in the market and enhance their sales, vendors frequently sell abject products. It makes us wonder about the quality of products; however, this article will assist you by providing some of the fundamental characteristics of good quality CBD flowers for sale. 

CBD – Why is it so famous?

Even though you are familiar with the cannabis plant and its quality of making you feel ‘high,’ you will be amazed to hear that it is a host of various majestic cannabinoids. Its one of the constituents, CBD, is a reservoir of multiple therapeutic benefits like treating anxiety, pain, depression, skincare, etc. On the other hand, the ‘high’ sensation of the cannabis plant is because of its active ingredient ‘THC,’ which contains the psychoactive components accountable for euphoric feelings. However, CBD is different from its elder counterpart because, with CBD, you will not feel high simply because it lacks psychoactive elements. It makes it different and effective from another constituent of the cannabis plant.

CBD Flowers – The Potent Variant 

CBD Market has seen tremendous growth and enjoys a market valuation of around USD 2.8 Billon as of 2020. The spectacular medicinal perks and the wide variety of forms it comes in have made it one of the most amiable products of modern times. 

However, CBD Flowers are amongst the most top-notch CBD variants available in the market. These are one of the most effective hemp-infused products, primarily because they are the dried bud of the hemp plant and contain the highest concentration, thus making it a Top-Notch CBD source. Further, it is one of the fastest consumption methods, as it enters your lung and bloodstream in a much speedier manner.

The Guiding Factors

CBD flower’s popularity might amaze you, but at the same time, the wide variety of CBD flowers for sale in the market might mislead you about the quality of the products and also to trust and select which brand. However, these are a few of the factors which can help you identify a good quality CBD flower-

10 Factors that every Good Quality CBD Flower Should Have - FindHempCBD.com
Image source: pixabay.com

1. Aroma

The smell of the flower is one of the simplest ways to check the quality. CBD flowers of high character have terpenes to produce an aroma and a sharp odor.

Though there may be instances where the seller might add synthetic aroma to make it look healthy, you can find it out by cross-checking the smell, which must be the same when you open the bag and crush the flower. A powerful smell is an indicator of the outstanding amount of Terpenes in it and the high quality of the flower. 

2. Rich Color

One of the most identifiable characteristics of a high-quality plant is its bright color. The greener the plant, the better it is, and this is true in most circumstances. In the case of CBD flowers also, this rule is simply applicable. A  High-quality CBD flower will be the greener and brighter one. Also, sometimes a combination of green and purple color is a sign of its good quality.

However, you must avoid choosing dark brown flowers, red or yellow, as these are a clear indicator of the flowers’ poor quality. 

3. Trichome

A trichome is a collection of crystalline white hairs which are not easily visible to the naked eye. However, you can use a magnifying glass or click a picture from your smartphone and zoom it. These trichomes hold terpenes which are responsible for the strong aroma and flavor of such CBD flowers.

If you see a high number of trichome counts, it is essentially a sign of the excellent quality of such CBD flowers. These tiny crystals can be intact or machine-trimmed. Mostly, the top-notch quality flower will have trichomes hand-trimmed densely packed trichomes. 

4. Texture

Not too dry, not too wet. Good quality CBD flowers will provide you with a balanced, smooth texture. If flowers are too dry, they will crumble down just when you touch them, and if it is too wet or moist, they will have molds, thus indicating their low quality.

A CBD flower for sale is of high quality if it is sticky and crunchy and holds a good amount of cannabinoids.

5. Buds

By looking at the buds, you can identify the quality of CBD flowers. If buds are not that bright in color, this is a sign of their low quality. High-quality Buds will be bright and stand out more.

6. Flower Structure

Flowers that are densely packed and have no airy space or open structure are of high quality. Moreover, flowers cultivated indoors have high CBD concentrations and would not contain the extra weight caused by unnecessary twigs, leaves, seeds, etc.  

7. Stems

The simple rule is that if there are too many stems in the packet, it indicates the low quality of the CBD product. They tend to increase the weight of the container and thus lack the essential elements.

10 Factors that every Good Quality CBD Flower Should Have - FindHempCBD.com
Image source: pixabay.com

8. Expensive Pricing

High-Quality CBD flowers are nothing less than a luxurious item, and hence it is often quite expensive. Cheap flowers are most likely of low quality and will not help you experience the marvelous wonders. Hence if flowers are available at significantly low rates, it is highly probable that the quality of such flowers is not so good. 

9. Pistils

If you see some orange, pink, purple hair on the CBD flower, do not need to worry because it signifies the plant’s proper maturity and indicates its high quality.  

10. The Overall Mixture 

A high-quality CBD flower will have a high concentration of CBD, terpenes, and other essential ingredients of the cannabis plant. You also can verify through third-party lab testing reports, which symbolize that the seller is confident about its quality and thus allows you to make an informed choice.


To enjoy and reap the maximum benefits from the wide variety of CBD flowers available for sale in the market, you must select the best quality available. With the factors discussed above, you can quickly identify the quality of the flower available in the market and choose the product that satisfies all the above criteria. However, above all, your focus should always be to go for third-party lab results that showcase the quality so that you do not have to face any inconveniences. 


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