Exhale Wellness VS Bearly Legal Hemp Delta 8 Cigarettes

Delta-8 has established an authority in the Cannabis industry because of the unique effects it allows consumers to experience. Many Delta 8 users claim the smooth, and relaxing high without making them unproductive, and dizzy. This is the reason behind the ultimate growth of Delta 8 products and its customers in the recent few years.
Exhale Wellness VS Bearly Legal Hemp Delta 8 Cigarettes

There are several Delta 8 products available in the market these days with each having its unique benefits and drawbacks. Delta 8 cigarettes are the perfect choice for people looking to get the relaxing and energizing benefits of Delta 8 throughout the day conveniently and effectively. 

Many people are in love with Delta 8 cigarettes for their mild euphoric effects that help them to reap the benefits of Delta 8 THC enjoyably without being worried about the side effects. The demand for Delta 8 cigarettes is increasing in the market, and that’s why it has become important to buy these products only from a reputable company to avoid any kind of fraud and bad experiences.

With so many brands offering different Delta 8 THC products at different prices, it can be a little tricky to pick the best brand to experience the ultra-rich experience. That’s why in this comparative guide, we’ll talk about Exhale Wellness, and Bearly Legal Hemp offering the best quality Delta 8 cigarettes in 2024. 

Both Exhale Wellness and Bearly Legal Hemp have carved out significant niches in the Delta 8 industry, with quality products, and high customer satisfaction. Many customers usually find themselves at a crossroads, while looking for the best Delta 8 cigarettes. Exhale Wellness with its extensive market presence, is focused on natural wellness, While, the Bearly Legal Hemp, with its cutting-edge technology, emphasizes preserving the natural integrity of the hemp.

Brand Overview:

Exhale Wellness is a Delta 8 THC brand celebrated for its dedication to quality assurance, customer service, and broad product range. The brand aims to harness the health benefits of Delta 8 THC. Their commitment to GMO-free, vegan products ensures a healthful choice for consumers.

Exhale Wellness Delta 8 Cigarettes 
Made with Premium Delta-8 Hemp FlowerPremium Pricing
Non – GMO
Discrete Packaging

Bearly Legal Hemp, on the other hand, is known for its innovative approach, utilizing high-quality hemp preserved with dry freeze technology and a solventless infusion method to deliver a pure and potent Delta 8 experience.

Barely Legal Hemp Delta 8 Cigarettes 
Highly Customer RatedNo Variety of Strains
Discreet and Smooth
50mg D8 per Cig


Exhale Wellness offers a variety of Delta 8 products, with their cigarettes being particularly noted for their high Delta 8 THC content and the use of premium hemp strains. This variety caters to a range of preferences and needs within the Delta 8 community.

Exhale Delta-8 Premium Hemp Sticks

Bearly Legal Hemp focuses on a narrower range but with a deep emphasis on the quality and experience of their Delta 8 cigarettes. Their products are distinguished by their innovative manufacturing process and the purity of the Delta 8 THC used.

BrandProductsDelta 8 THC/CigaretteCigarettes/PackStrainPrice
Exhale WellnessDELTA-8 CIGARETTES – JACK HERER (8-PACK)80mg/Stick8 Cig/PackJack Herer$29.95
Barely Legal HempDelta-8-THC Hemp Cigarettes50mg/Stick20 Cig/Pack$9.99
Barely Legal HempDelta 8 THC Hemp Cigarettes Carton50mg/Stick20 Cig/Pack
10 Pack/Carton

Highlights and Key Features

Exhale Wellness’s Delta 8 cigarettes are known for their potency and the immediate effect they offer, attributed to the premium Jack Herer hemp strain used. Their products are also cruelty-free and lab-tested, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Bearly Legal Hemp sets itself apart with hemp fiber rolling papers and biodegradable filters, alongside the unique freeze-dry preservation method that maintains the hemp’s quality and potency.


Both brands prioritize natural and quality ingredients. Exhale Wellness uses non-GMO, 100% naturally-grown hemp, free from chemicals or additives. Bearly Legal Hemp emphasizes solventless extraction and natural preservation to maintain the integrity of the hemp used in their cigarettes.

3rd Party Lab Tests

In the cannabis industry, conducting laboratory tests is key to guaranteeing that products are safe, effective, and pure. Both Exhale Wellness and Bearly Legal Hemp recognize the critical importance of being transparent and earning the trust of their customers, which is why they both invest heavily in detailed testing by independent labs.

Exhale Wellness is particularly diligent in this regard. They ensure that all of their Delta 8 THC products, including cigarettes, undergo thorough testing by external laboratories. These tests not only determine the levels of Delta 8 THC and CBD but also check for harmful substances like pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and bacteria.

Likewise, Bearly Legal Hemp depends on independent lab evaluations to ensure their Delta 8 cigarettes meet standards of quality and purity. They employ an innovative production process that combines freeze-drying and a solvent-free infusion approach. This process is designed to protect the key elements of the hemp plant, including cannabinoids and terpenes. External lab testing confirms that these methods successfully maintain the intended characteristics of the final product without adding any dangerous chemicals or solvents.


Exhale Wellness distinguishes itself as the top choice for consumers, particularly due to its holistic approach to wellness, the breadth of its product range, and its commitment to natural, health-conscious ingredients.

In conclusion, while Bearly Legal Hemp offers innovative manufacturing processes and a strong emphasis on product purity, Exhale Wellness emerges as the premier choice for those seeking a comprehensive, health-oriented approach to Delta 8 THC cigarettes.

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