Testing the VIP Experience of Inheal’s New THC-A Products

Explore the unmatched potency of THC-A Diamonds, the purest cannabis concentrates with up to 99% THC-A. Discover Inheal's premium offerings for an unparalleled cannabis experience.
THC-A Diamonds

The THC-A diamond seems to be of a somewhat unique cannabis concentration as of this moment, and it appears to be just as special as the gem it is named after. 

THC-A itself, or Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid as it is otherwise known, is just a precursor to THC that isn’t as potent as and doesn’t produce the same psychoactive effects. 

THC-A diamonds are the crystallized structures of THC-A. These contain tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THC-A) in their pure, highly concentrated forms, and they take the physical appearance of small, translucent diamonds. 

These THCA diamonds allow users to inhale exceptionally pure THC, with concentrates that, when done correctly, can ensure an outstanding potency of up to 99 percent.

Why Test THC-A Diamonds? 

There are a couple of reasons for testing and reviewing THC-A diamonds. 

Testing the VIP Experience of Inheal’s New THC-A Products - FindHempCBD.com

One is its high purity. THC-A diamonds are one of the most potent cannabis concentrates available. They are known for their exceptionally high purity levels, as they can contain upwards of 99% THC-A. 

Another reason is the method of consumption. Experienced users would know that THC-A diamonds are often consumed by dabbing — a process where a small amount of the concentrate is vaporized using a heated surface and then inhaled. This method allows for rapid onset and intense effects.

The presence of terpenes is another reason. When the THC-A diamond is perfectly created to a high standard, the diamonds retain the natural terpenes present in the cannabis plant. You will notice this in the overall flavor and aroma profile of the product. What’s even better is the fact that these terpenes have therapeutic effects.

Why We Decided to Test Inheal’s THC-A Products

With Inheal, there’s always the assurance of very high quality. The company was set up after the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill and, with two cannabis experts on board, they weren’t going to settle for mediocre products or just copy and paste what’s already on the market. 

The Inheal dream has always been to disrupt and invigorate the cannabis space by providing a different experience of the highest quality cannabinoids for consumers. We must say they are fulfilling this dream with their plethora of fantastic products. 

Inheal ensures that consumers have a variety of products to choose from that cover any taste, experience, or dosage you may want: Disposable vape pens, Edibles and Gummies, Mushroom Gummies, Vape Cartridges, Hemp Flower, Prerolls and Blunts, and Δ8 Concentrate. 

Inheal makes their products with cannabis produced in the United States and, with their careful processing, they can assure you of their superior quality and no cross-contamination. 

Now let’s tell you what’s so special about their THC-A diamonds. 

Inheal’s THC-A Diamonds: A Pair of Great Choices 

I quite enjoyed the experience of trying out both of Inheal’s THC-A diamond products. At first glance, both the Satellite OG THC-A Blunt and the Rainbow Sherbert THC-A Blunt seemed attractive, and, after trying them out, we can tell you these are just what you need. 

If you’re used to THC-A diamonds and you have yet to try Inheal’s Satellite OG THC-A Blunt and the Rainbow Sherbert THC-A Blunt, your dabbing experience is incomplete. If you are a newbie, this is just the thing to give you an amazing welcome experience of a classic high. 

Testing the VIP Experience of Inheal’s New THC-A Products - FindHempCBD.com

I’ll tell you some of the reasons why I believe this below:  

A Great Package

You can tell you’re in for a great experience from the first glance. 

Both products are packaged in premium cylindrical glass filters that allow your diamonds to arrive in pristine conditions that are perfect for your gems. 

To get going, you can simply open the cylinder cap and roll your diamonds out, then you can get the cap back in place to keep the rest of your gem safe. These cylinders are small enough to hold in your fist or drop in your pocket and carry with you wherever you want. 

Product information is displayed on the cylinders and you can also easily distinguish between Satellite OG’s natural green wrapped in organic hemp and finished with the premium glass filter and Rainbow Sherbert’s vibrant purple that is expertly hand-rolled in a natural hemp leaf and finished in its glass filter. 

Excellent Tastes and an Amazing Aroma

One of the signs that THC-A diamonds are mined to perfection is their retention of the natural terpenes present in the cannabis plant. These are noticed in the overall flavor and aroma profile of the product. 

The Satelite OG which I started with was fantastic from the very first drag. It has a smooth, distinct flavor and profound aroma that clears your mind straight away. 

I took the Rainbow Sherbert a few days later and I must say that the taste and aroma put me in a state of luxury. With this product, you feel like you’re not just having a blunt, but you’re making a statement of class. 

Unique Experience

I dabbed the Satelite OG one day after a rigorous workout. My pains melted away immediately, leaving me with a sense of relaxation and comfort that made me go about my days without sore muscles or body aches. 

Another thing that I noticed with Satellite OG is that you can feel its effects right away. It gives you something a little bit stronger than usual and makes good on the promise in its product description that it offers an elevated experience because it is infused with 0.5 grams of exclusive THCA Diamond concentrate that elevates its potency to an amazing ~40% THCA content.

The Rainbow Sherbert immediately skyrocketed my mood. After my drag, I spent the rest of the day feeling invigorated and happy. Rainbow Sherbert seems like the perfect smoke to give you moments of inexplicable bliss that will last. 


Inheal’s THC-A diamonds are truly rare gems that everyone who wants a quality high should experience. 

Having either Satellite OG or Rainbow Sherbert seems perfect for almost every situation. They can fill you with happy energy and also lull you into that secure sense of relaxation that lets out all of your worries. They are also great for lone smokes or a time-out with friends.  

Get high-quality lab-tested THC-A diamonds and other cannabis products that will give you the experience you need at inheal.com.

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