7 Ways Cannabis Can Make Your Sex Life Hotter

7 Ways Cannabis Can Make Your Sex Life Hotter

You have likely noticed all about the hoopla surrounding Cannabis and its ability to enhance the sexual experience. The cannabis market is swamping with products that claim to boost your pleasure. Some of these products are edibles, lubricants, oils, and vapes. Furthermore, several people believe that they start smoking before intercourse to have a more satisfying sexual encounter. 

Although some specialists are still skeptical about Cannabis’s potential to serve in the attainment of improved and more pleasurable sexual encounters, they believe that more research should take place before reaching a firm judgment. However, a preliminary study indicates that the plant can boost reproductive health. Let us investigate this area to see if such claims are accurate or if they are just more fuel for the gossip mill. Here are 

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What Are Some Cannabis-Based Sexual Wellness Products?

The best CBD products at CBDfx and its products are presently the tittle-tattles of the town, with a plethora of cannabis brands on the market. While popular items are available, firms have developed an array of goods that improve sexual well-being. Among them are:

1. Moisturizers

2. Cannabis edibles

3. Lubricants

4. Oils for the body

5. Sprays for the mouth

What to Consider While Buying Cannabis Products for Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual wholesomeness is the link between your physiological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Cannabis can assist you in achieving a balance. Before you begin using Cannabis for sexual fulfillment, you should be aware of the following:

1. Look for high-quality items.

2. Consume/use the product for a minimum of 30-60 minutes before proceeding.

3. Seek professional advice and be aware of your dose limits. To get the most out of the product, you should know what dose works best for you.

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7 Ways Cannabis Can Make Your Sex Life Hotter

Cannabis can influence your sexual physiology

The endocannabinoid system is an effective mediator of sexual function. Cannabinoid receptors are abundant in regions of the brain that regulate sexual activities. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that Cannabis works brilliantly with our endocannabinoid system. Serum concentrations of endocannabinoids, which humans manufacture within the system, rise during arousal and after stimulation. However, this sphere requires more investigation.

Cannabis stimulates the sex drive and minimizes discomfort in women

Several researchers have also indicated that women who use Cannabis have superior reproductive health. According to experts, marijuana use is associated with increased sexual desire in women and decreased painful sex.

Women with gynecology practice who used marijuana before intercourse through a questionnaire shared how Cannabis altered their sexual encounters. The majority of women said it increased their sexual desire and lowered the pain. 

It promotes relaxation and allows you to feel the process deeply

Cannabis’s potential to alleviate fear and tension is nothing short of a miracle for people who struggle to engage fully in the present due to performance-related anxiousness. Ignoring all of your troubles and energy-sucking emotions can assist your brain in avoiding diversions. CBD induces a state of tranquility in our minds, bodies, and souls.

Furthermore, relaxed muscles can leave you feeling comfortable, and it also fosters the body to be stretchable. Unwinding and calming down can help you to concentrate your energy in sensuality rather than all those excruciating muscle pain and stiffness.

Ingesting cannabis can augment your sense of touch

Marijuana possesses the ability to improve skin sensitivity and physical intimacy. Physical interaction, such as kissing, cuddling, stroking, and being grasped, causes the release of oxytocin (a feel-good hormone). Marijuana possesses the ability to improve skin sensitivity and physical intimacy. Higher sensitivity and stimulation can arise from better contact experience, leading to greater joy and pleasure. Cannabis also lowers the spatial concept of reality, which prolongs emotions of instant gratifications.

Cannabis boosts sexual frequency

It is a fact that Cannabis can boost the frequency of sex when used in modest dosages. A 2017 research evaluated data collected from approximately fifty thousand males and females to investigate if marijuana consumption was related to how frequently people had intercourse. There was still a strapping link: individuals who used Cannabis had much more sex than others who did not. This conclusion was accurate for both men and women across all demographics. The researchers also discovered that marijuana does not seem to impede libido.

Women who use cannabis before a sexual encounter experience more orgasms

Another study found a link between marijuana and female sexual experiences. The survey involved women patients at obstetrics practice for this analysis. Investigators discovered that women who smoked Cannabis before sex had a substantially greater probability of having a satisfactory orgasmic completion than those who did not.

Cannabis users had a 2.13 times better chance of getting a satisfying orgasm than non-users. Furthermore, those who used marijuana regularly had a 2.10 considerably higher probability of experiencing a satisfying orgasm than those who used it very infrequently.

What’s more, Cannabis enhances overall pleasure

Moreover, there is more. Cannabis can throw you in a compassionate mental state, urge you to endure the procedure with relaxation, refresh your mood, lift your emotions, and fulfill you by transforming your often mundane sexual experience into a pleasurable and calm encounter.


When it pertains to Cannabis and libido, there are even more doubts than explanations. With the investigation still in its early stages, it is harder to identify sweeping conclusions. There is as much natural diversity among cannabis species as there is among cannabis consumers. If you believe Cannabis can help your sexual and reproductive health, you now have the facts to begin exploring cautiously and appropriately.

Sexual health is a personal and private topic. Before you put your faith in any glitzy item backed up by enticing commercials and clever phrases, be sure you are aware of the product’s chemical compounds. In this situation, if you are interested in cannabis sexual health items, you should first learn about Cannabis, its perks, applicability, and outcomes. To protect oneself from evils such as disinformation and dishonesty and become an intelligent buyer should be your top concern.

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