Welcome to FindHempCBD

Hello and welcome to the FindHempCBD.com Product Road Map. FindHempCBD is an information-rich online directory dedicated to the CBD community.

For the last few years, the CBD industry has grown exponentially and it’s been truly exciting to witness and be a part of. 

From the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill to the federal recognition of Cannabinoid benefits, it’s astounding to reflect on what’s been accomplished in such a short amount of time.

While rapid growth has allowed the CBD industry to take a quantum leap forward, core components of the industry, like education and product safety, are far from being developed enough to meet the demands of an industry this massive. 

This has led to widespread confusion and a long list of problems that won’t be resolved until the gaps of the industry are filled.

Why an Online CBD Directory?

As the team who helped tackle the challenge of inaccurate, unclear, and unavailable information in the CBD industry with CBD Origin, we are continuing our initiative to legitimize and normalize the cannabis industry with FindHempCBD.

By creating an online directory of CBD stores and businesses, our goal is to not only make it quick and easy to find where to buy CBD in your area, but to make it normal. Just like we use Yelp to search for a restaurant in our neighborhood, you can use FindHempCBD to search for stores in your area that sell your favorite CBD brand.  

Furthermore, we hope to foster a community that brings the industry closer by creating an intuitive platform that allows individuals to connect with each other and businesses based on similar experiences, shared beliefs, and common interests.

The FindHempCBD Roadmap

Recently launched at the start of 2020, the platform is still in its early stages and is far from perfect, but we have a lot in store for the future. With time and suggestions/feedback from our community, FindHempCBD.com will evolve into an industry-leading platform that adds value to the industry and our users.

In the coming months and years, our team has great plans and high expectations for FindHempCBD. Below you can find a road map of updates and additions we are working on or will be working on. Our team will be constantly thinking of new ways to improve our platform and add value for our users so feel free to check back here regularly for updates. 

If there is a feature you would like to see on FindHempCBD or you have a suggestion or feedback about an existing feature of our platform, we’d absolutely love to hear about it. Email us at hello@FindHempCBD.com or click here to jump to a feedback form at the bottom this page.

Q2 2020 Improvements and Additions

1. Additional Listing Types

This update will expand our current Listing Types to include the “Event” listing type, the “Convention” and “Workshop” Event sub-types, and the “Eatery” Place sub-type.
Status: On-Hold

2. Refined Search Options

This update will improve the effectiveness of our search tool by allowing users to search for listings based on amenities, ratings, available brands or products, and more.
Status: Complete

3. Dedicated Pages for Major Cities

This update will simplify geographical-based queries for uses and increase local visibility for businesses by establishing dedicated directory pages for all major US cities.
Status: In Progress

4. In-Profile Product Listings and Store Menus

This update will extend the features of Business listings and allow Business users to showcase products on their business page.
Status: In Progress

5. Self-Service Advertising Portal – Stage 1

This update will integrate the 1st stage of our Self-Service Advertising Dashboard, which will allow Business users to launch and manage Listing Promotion campaigns right from their dashboard.
Status: In Progress

6. Reviews Sub-Ratings

This update will extend the insights and feedback received from reviews by allowing users to submit their overall rating based on a set of itemized category-based ratings (such as price or customer service). Review Sub-Ratings will be an optional feature that Business users can enable or disable at any time.
Status: In Progress

7. In-Profile Announcements

This update will extend the features of Business listings to include a high-visible section where Business users can broadcast announcements to their visitors.
Status: Complete

Q3 2020 Improvements and Additions

1. Community Forum

This update will integrate a feature-rich community forum into FindHempCBD where members can share information and engage with other members and business users.
Status: Pending

2. Embeddable Web Widgets Library

This update will release a library of professionally developed web widgets that Business users can use to increase their authority and promote their business.
Status: In Progress

3. Enhanced Marketing Analytics

This update will extend the capabilities, functions, and metrics of the FindHempCBD analytics portal. In addition, this update will provide Business users with valuable high-level insights gathered from the users that interact with their listings and how they interact with their listings.
Status: In Progress

4. Self-Serve Advertising Portal – Stage 2

This update will expand the services and offerings available in our Self-Serve Advertising Portal to include Self-Serve Display Advertising Campaigns and Fully Managed Article and Press Release Submissions.
Status: In Progress

5. Enhanced Reviews Management

This update will provide Business users with enhanced reviews management capabilities and a suite of review generation and promotion tools.
Status: Pending

6. Business Sub-Users

This update will allow Business users to enable limited-access roles and invite additional users to access and manage their listing(s).
Status: Pending

Q4 2020 Improvements and Additions

1. In-Store Pick Up Ordering

Status: Pending

2. iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Status: Pending

3. Self-Serve Advertising Portal – Stage 3

Status: Pending

4. B2B Networking Community

Status: Pending

5. Tools and Resource Portal for Businesses

Status: Pending

Suggestions and Feedback

Is there a feature that you’d love to see on our platform or is there something you think we can improve on? We’d love to hear about it and possibly integrate your idea into our platform. Share your thoughts with our team by completing the Suggestions and Feedback form below and we will reach back to you as soon as possible.

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