Alive Market CBD


About The Business

We are a farm-to-bottle CBD brand located in San Diego, CA. We own our own farm, and are in the process of growing our first harvest! We are a small company with a large reach, as we ship nationally and are recommended by over 100 doctors. We value each customer we have, and work hard to make sure you feel the full effects of CBD.

With Alive Market, each of our products have been designed for your benefit. From our sustainable farming approach, to our handcrafted recipes, to our simplistic yet bold packaging, our products are simple because simple makes you Feel Alive. Each ingredient has been chosen only for you benefit, and we cut no corners in providing you quality CBD.

We are happy to announce we are coming out CBD Infused Craft Vegan Chocolate. Each bar is 200Mg, with each piece containing 25Mg of CBD! We are sure you are going to love this new, exciting way to get your daily dose of Alive Market CBD!

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