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About The Business

Two longtime friends, Keith Bunovsky and Brian Edmonds, founded New England Hemp Farm in 2019. Keith, a lifelong resident of Connecticut, has been a registered farmer for over 30 years building a thriving agriculture business from scratch. Brian has lived in Connecticut for more than 25 years and has had a successful career in finance in NYC for over 30 years.

One day, after complaining about his chronic joint pain, a friend suggested to Brian that he try CBD lotion, something which he had never heard of. After conducting a comprehensive search, Brian was overwhelmed by the myriad of products and brands on the market. Concerned about the quality and purity of the products, he wondered how he could trust that the products were real CBD and that they did not contain too much THC. And, most importantly, he wondered how much product he needed to use for a true therapeutic dosage. Surprisingly, no one had a good answer.

Recognizing a problem that needed solving and a potential business opportunity, Brian contacted Keith to ask him about Hemp and what he knew about CBD. It turned out they both knew very little, so they dug in and did their homework and learned everything they could about Hemp and CBD. Realizing the potential benefits that CBD has to offer and the positive impact that Hemp cultivation would have on New England farmers, the duo formed New England Hemp Farm with three founding principals for CBD users:

– Buy quality, tested CBD products from a company you trust. Don’t buy CBD in a gas station!

– Learn what an appropriate dosage is for you. A 5mg dose in a smoothie will probably not have much of an effect on anyone!

– Take CBD consistently for at least 3 weeks – and then see how you feel!

New England Hemp Farm pledges to always pay fair market prices to the Farmers who grow Hemp, and we pledge that we will work to benefit qualified charities in New England.

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