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Okoa Animal Health is a Boulder, CO-based, woman-led, private company founded by a team of scientists, professionals, and animal advocates. with expertise in the science of cannabinoids and animal health. Okoa was inspired to create a company that could be trusted to bring safe, effective, and high-quality CBD products to support the health and wellness needs of companion animals. The company is based on two pillars: real science and pure love of pets. Okoa Pet products are custom-formulated by veterinarian Dr. Rob Silver, DVM MS, a pioneer in holistic vet medicine and national cannabinoid expert. Our values are reflected in our name. Okoa is a Hawaiian word with multiple meanings:

Transparent: there is nothing hidden in our products -they don’t contain additives or any artificial ingredients.
Different: a company built equally on real science and pure love of animals
Whole: we believe in a holistic and natural approach to animal health.

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