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Naturalness of red food – for extra energy and well-being

As a modern family business, we manufacture each of our products using resource-saving methods. Especially with CBD oils and nutritional supplements, there are many low-quality preparations. With Redfood, customers get guaranteed premium quality and the highest purity. Our company is located in the “Wohlfühlgemeinde” Liepgarten in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Before a product is added to our range, we check whether it meets German and international quality requirements.

The GMP principles (Good Manufacturing Practice) serve to ensure the quality assurance of production processes, equipment, hygiene, procedure and environment. All Redfood employees share the mission of only offering effective, safe, purest and completely natural products – laboratory-tested, carefully selected, sustainably effective.

Redfood products – enormously effective, extremely high quality, pleasantly cheap

Stress, insomnia, allergies: Redfood has set itself the task of helping every customer to have a better quality of life, vitality and holistic well-being. With our hemp oils, vitamins and nutritional supplements, we offer you highly bioavailable products in the best purity and in an optimal natural ratio – enormously effective, extremely high quality, pleasantly affordable. As one of the leading German brands for premium full-spectrum CBD oils, we meet the highest quality standards.

Like the certified natural extract hemp oils, the particularly well-tolerated supplements are characterized by maximum absorption. Conscientious controls from development through production methods to logistics ensure the continuously high quality. Redfood always uses synergistically highly effective extracts, essences and pure substances without preservatives, flavors and colors – our preparations really contain what it says on the tin.

Experience how valuable CBD oils and nutritional supplements enrich your everyday life.

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