ZŪR Organics


About The Business

Founded by two moms, ZŪR Organics brings high-quality CBD to choosy people seeking trustworthy, plant-based products for their health and homes. We help today’s busier-than-ever families improve wellbeing and overcome the stressors of everyday life.

We create CBD products that today’s “do-it-all” families keep close on hand for needed moments of calm and focus. Our CBD products were developed through vigorous research and testing, leading to a carefully curated selection of easy-to-use topicals, edibles and tinctures to suit a variety of wellness needs. Beyond offering top-quality products to promote calm and balance, we strive to dispel misconceptions and combat taboos around CBD. Our products speak for themselves — they’re easy to use, contain safe and research-backed ingredients and are nonintoxicating.

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