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About The Business

Blue Lotus Wellness & CBD Boutique offers a wide variety of high quality hemp derived CBD products. Products include oils, salves, lotions, topical sticks and roll-ons, candies, edibles, skin care, vape cartridges, hemp flower products, and more. We strictly screen all products we offer. Our house brand, Blue Lotus Botanicals, includes USDA Certified Organic CBD Oils and Salves. You can buy online or visit our Wellness Center and Boutique in Central Florida where you can also consult with physical therapist, Dr. Margaret, receive wellness massgae services, visit our aromatherapy bar, or relax in our serenity suite.

We have set out to find the best plant-based “medicines” with the most potential to offer improved health and well-being. Hemp extracts containing CBD (cannabidiol), especially full spectrum extracts containing other cannabinoids and terpenes, may assist you in feeling better. While we have extensively researched CBD extracted from hemp to provide you with the best products currently available, we encourage you to do your own research on the wellness potential of CBD.

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