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Hempzilla is the leader in 100% pure, American-grown CBD because we are committed to every part of the process, never cutting corners to cut costs. Grown organically in the USA, Hempzilla CBD is ethically matured, harvested, and trimmed without the use of pesticides or GMOs to ensure purity and potency. We work directly with organic sustainable farmers, and our labs are right in the USA – so we control every aspect of how our products are made unlike most of the rest of the industry, which gives us a distinct advantage. For products containing liquid CBD, this coveted, golden oil is extracted utilizing a CO2 extraction process. This method is time-consuming and produces far less yield than the standard ether, propane, and butane extraction processes, but it is the cleanest method that excludes heavy metals and impurities that the other extraction methods leave behind. The result of our commitment is an exquisite, potent product. No need to take our word for it…the proof is in the purity.

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