Day: January 28, 2021

Jan 28
The NBA’s Slam Dunk Cannabis Shift

With each passing year, cannabis is embraced by more and more Americans. The same is…

Jan 28
City of Atlanta Eliminates Pre-Employment Drug Testing For Certain Occupations

The mayor of Atlanta has signed an executive order suspending drug testing for certain…

Jan 28
Chuck Schumer Says He Will Make Cannabis Reform a Priority

Signals indicate that the new 117th United States Congress will be much more receptive…

Jan 28
Opioid Prescriptions Decline in Canada Following Cannabis Legalization

A recent study examines the rate of opioid prescriptions in Canada before and after…

Jan 28
Hemp or Cannabis Infusions: Advice From a Beverage Industry Expert

Let’s just call them both “cannabis” beverages. Cannabis and hemp are really just…

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