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Sep 09
80% of Mississippi Voters Say They’ll Vote to Legalize Medical Cannabis This Election

Voters in the Magnolia State will choose between two different medical marijuana…

Sep 09
How Barcode Labeling Improves Traceability & Security

From tagging hundreds of clones to automated inventory tracking and cannabinoid…

Sep 08
UFC and E-Sports Fans Consume More Cannabis Than Other Sports Fans

Ultimate Fighting Championship and E-Sports fans consume more cannabis than those of…

Sep 08
USDA Approves Hemp Plans for Maine and Missouri

The U.S. Department of Agriculture last week approved the hemp plans for Maine and…

Sep 08
Cannabis Social Equity Program to Launch in Palm Springs, California

While cannabis is legal for recreational use in 11 states, and with 33 states and four…

Sep 08
Support for Cannabis Legalization in New Zealand is in Decline

Even as many countries have legalized cannabis successfully in one way or another, a…

Sep 08
Why Some Athletes Are Turning To Cannabis To Help Them Train

“With my injuries getting so stacked against me for a while, cannabis became quite a…

Sep 07
Pakistan Approves Industrial Cannabis and Hemp

The entry into the world of legal cannabis products will be huge for the country.

Sep 06
Researchers will benefit first in Pakistan’s new hemp program

The post Researchers will benefit first in Pakistan’s new hemp program was originally…

Sep 06
2020 California Cannabis Bill Round-Up

Due to coronavirus, what normally would have been a pretty robust legislative session…

Sep 04
Feds approve Maine’s hemp cultivation program

Federal officials have approved Maine‘s hemp cultivation program to align with the…

Sep 04
Illinois to hold lottery for retail cannabis licenses later this month

Applicants for retail cannabis licenses in Illinois will be awarded in a lottery later…

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