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Oct 12
Michigan Governor Signs ‘Clean Slate’ Bills

The Clean Slate bills include a measure that allows for the expungement of previous…

Oct 11
Mississippi Cannabis Legalization Guide

This November 2020 election, cannabis legalization initiatives will appear on the…

Oct 09
U.S. Government Supports Removing Marijuana From Strictest Global Drug Schedule

The U.S. government is backing a World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation to…

Oct 09
New Jersey: #TurnthePage

Question 1 appears on the back of the ballot. So, as we turn the page on marijuana…

Oct 09
Navajo Nation tightens MJ law amid ongoing dispute with hemp grower

The Navajo Nation Council has banned hemp by redefining the term "marijuana"…

Oct 09
Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis Infused Seltzer Arrives

On October 7, Pabst labs—linked to famed beer maker Pabst Blue Ribbon beer—announced…

Oct 08
Hemp development plan proposed for northwestern Italy

The post Hemp development plan proposed for northwestern Italy was originally…

Oct 08
Maine cannabis companies now qualify for energy-efficiency grants

A ratepayer-funded agency in Maine that promotes sustainable energy will allow…

Oct 07
Hemp Growers Get Congressional Reprieve on Looming USDA Deadline

Hemp Growers Get Congressional Reprieve on Looming USDA Deadline  JD Supra

Oct 07
From Cherries To Weed: Canadian Farming Family Harvests 60 Acres Of Cannabis

It’s October, which means for outdoor cannabis cultivators in Canada, it’s also…

Oct 07
Which Congressional Cannabis Act Could Have the Most Substantial Impact?

Of the fifty pieces of cannabis legislation that have been introduced, two in…

Oct 07
Costa Rican lawmakers considering hemp cultivation, processing

Costa Rican lawmakers have put forward a draft law to legalize the cultivation,…

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