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Jan 13
California Hemp Edible Bill Would Ban Smokable Hemp

Under a recently-introduced California bill to permit hemp-infused edibles and drinks,…

Jan 13
Cannabis Dealer Forfeited $3 Million Worth of Bitcoin

After forfeiting approximately $3 million worth of bitcoin to the Irish Criminal…

Jan 13
Hemp licenses up, but acreage down in 2020 – yet industry is optimistic for growth

Last year hemp farmers took a step back and devoted fewer resources to the crop – the…

Jan 13
California Cannabis Executive Petitions Trump To Release Nonviolent Cannabis Offender

Kyle Kazan is pleading the case of Parker Coleman, Jr.

Jan 12
Governor Andrew Cuomo Reintroduces Recreational Cannabis Bill in New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reintroduced a measure to legalize recreational…

Jan 12
California lawsuit over hemp destruction on hold

A California hemp grower is suing a sheriff's office, alleging the authorities…

Jan 12
West Australian Doctors Still Facing Delays When Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis

The Director of the St Francis Medical Group, David Cooper, told 6PR Mornings that…

Jan 12
Mexico releases long-awaited medical cannabis regulations

Mexico has published highly-anticipated regulations to underpin its medical cannabis…

Jan 12
Study Investigates Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms

A recent study published in the journal Addiction and led by a group of researchers…

Jan 12
Multiple marijuana businesses sue Michigan city over licensing process

Ten marijuana companies filed suit against the Detroit suburb of Berkley, Michigan, in…

Jan 11
South Dakota Gov. Joins Effort to Block Voter-Approved Cannabis Legalization

In an executive order issued on Friday, Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem…

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